Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio

by Kayce Benzon

Process: For my portfolio I made JPG images of all my projects and created a slide presentation with Microsoft Power Point. I kept the background color and description tab and  text colors the same throughout the presentation to keep things simple and not distract from the projects I created. I did match the circle in each slide to a color in the project image. I thought this added a fun and connecting touch. The slides are in order of which projects I felt presented themselves best, first.  This was a great way to sum up all of my projects from this semester and see the progress  made.

Critique: I received critiques through Facebook and WordPress from Cristy Crawford and Susan Ruske. They suggested I work on the alignment of slides 2 and 3 as those slides were overlapping the circles in each slide. Along with adjusting the alignment I resized some of the images in a few slides to better fit the work space. On slide 4 (Slide Design) I cut down the number of images from 8 to 4. Eight slides were just too crowding and did not look very nice. I removed the “Ideas Become Reality” quote from some of the slides to clean up a little. I enjoyed creating this presentation and hope you have enjoyed it as well.

3 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Kaycee, I think your projects are great your slide show portrays your fun colorful personality a great to showcase who you are to potential employers. Great job I always enjoy viewing your blog for each project.


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